The End

As far as Monday writing goes, I think it is safe to say that I am failing miserably. I appreciate those who have indulged in my writing for not beheading me or making me walk the plank, or feeding my soul to the dementors. (Or whatever form of punishment you may deem fit)

Many of you may have encountered my old friend Death, if you are reading this it was probably secondhand like me, but if you have experienced him first hand and you are reading this, well….cool.
I view death as a lion, one who relies on strength and does not feel the burden of fear. See, Death is basically the king of the chess match and I’m no pro but his part seems useless to me. As far as I can tell that is how life is, we live, and then we die, and Death has no role until that final breath. It is kind of funny because our entire line of defence is against the weakest link. We create fantasies of an afterlife for comfort, we build the illusion of perfection to make us feel that we deserve entrance into the land that is holy, and because of the uncertainty that falls under the topics of religion and God, we fear death.

Well, surprise! Death has a mother, and she is in every way as terrifying as Grendel’s Mother except (Drum roll) she cannot die. (Woah) She is a fox who roams around in Harry’s invisibility cloak, conniving​ and deceitful​, she comes without warning and takes without remorse. She is the Queen. Bloody-Freaking-Mary. She reigns with power ​and rules with skill. She is time and time’s a bitch. You may have 60 years, or you may have 60 minutes. Time is pure poetry, so spontaneous​, smart, and sensible, and she is on her way to Herot to kill us all. (Scary right?) (Insert creepy horror movie music) “Death is around every corner” or whatever it is people say. (Can you tell I just read Beowulf?)

On a serious note, today I lost my last living grandparent. For all intensive purposes, ​she was a complete stranger. However, that is not important because she was my grandmother and I should have made her know me. I should have known her. I should have stood up for her aloud instead of just in my head. I should have let her tell her stories a million times ​and offered to drive her to the doctor. I should have gone​ to the hospital to visit. I should have asked her more about my dad. And the list is endless.

Notice a trend? “I should have…”
Regret is a strong emotion, arguably the strongest, and the worst part is that it is preventable.

So then, the point of your reading this:

1. You only get one life, use your time wisely, because time is the real enemy.
2. You only get one family, whether they are awesome or complete and total muggles, they deserve the chance to love you.
3. Take the time to build relationships, don’t be passive because they​ could not possibly understand​ your oh so “mysterious​ life”. (Sidebar​: you’re not that mysterious).​
4. People deserve more from you. Even when you think you are​ the best possible version of yourself, strive to be better because you and the world deserve it.

Love Yourself,

Rest easy Nannie.



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