The Pressure is On.


Procrastination station, all aboard. So I have just had possibly the most stressful week of my life, which is saying something because 1. things have never been that easy and B. I do not get stressed easily. We are talking stressful level 10, like if the last episode of One Tree Hill came on and Pizza Hut stopped doing deliveries early on the same day stressful. Yeah, I know. I’ll give you a minute to process that.


Now that I assume that you have handled and coped with the level of tragedy that has been this week, we can move on to the reason.

Self-inflicted, self-destructive, self-demising procrastination​ my friends.
That’s right you heard correctly, I cannot even bitch at anyone (lol) because it was all my own fault.

I knew that I had two 10 page papers due on the same day weeks ago, but my motto has always been to “wait to feel the pressure”. I do my best work when it feels like a rhinoceros is stampeding over my stomach, don’t you? Chances are there will be many more instances like this in my academic and professional year because at the young age of 24 I have had plenty of years to get to know myself and I know what I will and will not do. For example, I know that I WILL probably always procrastinate, I did make an A on both of those time crunched papers. And I know that I will not stop prioritising Netflix above oxygen.

However, since I’m in a how to mood and I hate the practice what you preach method, I am going to thrust upon you beautiful souls a how-to guide to not completely screwing up your lives.

Step One:
Write your shit down. If you take 15 to 18 hours of college credit per semester, no matter how big and bad you think you are, you will forget something. Trust me on this, I am big, bad, and I don’t write things down. I make A’s because I’m badass at last minute work. Don’t try and be me though. Baby steps.

Step Two:
Work ahead. We live in a world that is technologically advancing at the rate that 16-year-olds are getting pregnant. So unless your professor is a dinosaur, then most of your work will be posted on Blackboard or whatever field that your school may use. And if it is not then look at the syllabus. If you do not know what a syllabus is, turn in your highlighter at the door and choose a different way to sustain yourself in life. Anyways, the syllabus will have a calendar so if there is something that you can do to put yourself ahead then do it. You never know when the newest episode of Greys Anatomy or Games of Thrones is going to fall on the day your research paper is due.

Step Three:
Organization is key. Get folders for your classes, a day planner for your assignments, and notecards for your research. This works. I can’t make this shit up.

Lastly, and most importantly Step Four:
Don’t text and drive. You can’t succeed if you’re​ dead.

Love Yourself,
Kasi Vardell


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